General Information About Rafting

Turkey's rich natural resources have a very important place for water sports. Opportunity to dominate the river along the 11 km track on this tour, which can be attended by everyone, young and old, without health problems, at Köprüçay, located in the Beşkonak region of Antalya. You can take this tour, which carries you from the heat of the summer to the cool waters, either with 6 or 8-person boats or with 2-person boats.

If you are a thrill lover, this is the tour for you.
Fun water games in 2 degrees water within the borders of Antalya national park and a watery fun tour on a captained boat with all licensed equipment. (Water shoes can be supplied for a small amount) Before the start of the tour, a small briefing and instructions and a document will be signed. This tour also offers breathtaking unique views within the national park.

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